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A Toast to Messina Hoff

September 03, 2018

When you think of wine-making, your mind probably goes immediately to Napa Valley or Bordeaux. But here in Bryan, we’re very happy not to have to go half-way across the country or the world to purchase some of the finest vintages ever made. Since the late 70s, Messina Hoff has been a pioneer of the Texas wine industry and is one of the reasons that our state is now the fifth-largest producer of grapes in the United States. At the Messina Hoff Tasting Room, housed in a charming estate building that once served as an all-girls academy, you’ll have the chance to try a number of award-winning varietals not available anywhere else. You can also take an hour-long guided tour of the grounds, where the friendly and informative staff will show you exactly how their acclaimed vino is made, from start to finish.

Address: 4545 Old Reliance Rd, Bryan, TX 77808

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